Summer’s Here | Outfit of the Day

coach bag 2 ootd leggings Forever 21 Coach bag

Hello everybody! It’s been super long hasn’t it? Kind of have forgotten how this entire blogging business is run.. just kidding of course! If I have to sum up my absence in a sentence, this would be it – I really needed a break to decide where I really want to go with this blog.  (more…)

Daisies in the winter | Outfit of the Day

daisy dress 3 Forever 21 brunch outfit brunch dress

Hello, hello! I’ve been gone a long time I know. This last month was so hectic. As I told you’ll before, I have my own startup with friends and about three weeks back we moved into our first office! It’s so very exciting! There’s no feeling like having your own company and being your own boss! But that’s for another day, let’s get to some outfit details! (more…)

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