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Hello everybody! Surprised to see another post on the blog already? Well, get used to it! It was my birthday on Wednesday and I thought I’ll share some moments with you’ll. I’ve promised to blog more and one thing that always was a hindrance was the lack of pictures clicked through my DSLR. So i’ve decided to not give a flip and share what I’ve got icon wink outfit cake birthday pic (more…)

Birthday Wishlist

I’ll have to be honest, there was a tiny flutter in my heart the second i clicked ‘new post’. Finally getting down to writing a blog post after what feels like, and actually is, ages. I’ve been really bad with keeping the posts coming and I’m so terribly sorry! I know nothing can make-up for this but I shall try my best! You guys deserve more posts, more outfits and more giveaways! Wait, what? A giveaway? YES! I’m super excited to tell you’ll all about it but darlings you’ll have to wait just a tiny bit longer.

I’ll be turning a year older this week and when I look back at the year that was I can’t believe myself and what I’ve achieved. The blog has branched into a YouTube channel (which isn’t updated, I’m sorry again!) and if DressyDame’s my right hand, I’ve added a left too! If you’ll remember I told you guys about me quitting my job for GMATs. Well, there was another reason as well. I’ve started my own company along with a few of my wonderful friends/partners! I know, it’s super insane but so far it has been a hell of a ride. From meetings to events to pitches it’s all been super crazy and the growth has been tremendous and much more than we envisioned! But more about that soon.

Today I thought I’ll get down to share my wishlist this month. Not just any wish list, it’s my Birthday wish list. Yay! I’ve seen a major shift in my shopping pattern this year. I’m constantly leaning towards classic items as compared to trendy ones. I guess it’s a approaching mid 20′s thing? Anyway, if I don’t manage to get my hands on these things, I hope you’ll do! xx

Untitled wish list want birthday

Clockwise from the right,

1. GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso – I’ve been meaning to get my hands on this book for ages now!

2. Wine Not by Revlon – I guess i could opt for MAC’s rebel but when i compare the pictures, I love this one more.. If only they had it in India

3. How pretty is the tote by Ebano? And it’s on sale! Meaning to get one to lug around my Mac plus the grey is a nice break from blacks and browns no?

4. I’ve moved from Skater dresses to shift dresses and this one is my latest obsession!

5. Daisy by Marc Jacobs – Lastly this amazingly gorgeous perfume that will forever remain a classic!

Vacation Diary #3

Hey guys! Hope you’re all well. I took a¬†vacation last week and here are a few snaps that I’ve managed to capture. There aren’t too many, I was unwell and couldn’t be bothered with anything other than catching up on sleep..

vacation diary travel goa beach holiday vacation diary 2 travel goa beach holiday

Take care! xoxo

- Mrinmayi

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